Saturday, 6 April 2013

Let's Get Started

Good Morning Ladies, 

Let's Get Started

This morning is three months EXACTLY until the Worldwide Rapha Women's 100 Ride. I'm going to use this opportunity to get my dusty bike out of the shed, and you're going to do it with me. 

The world wide ride is promoted by Rapha and you can read about it here

If we're going to do this we need a plan:

Today, 3 months to go. The bike comes out! First I have to take it to Mount Eden cycles for a new stem, then get my Dad to bring my peddles down from Matakana. Gosh, writing this makes me realise how long it's been since I got on my road bike... I'm also going to spend much of today harassing people into doing this thing. I tell you peeps, you're best to just pull out your Lycra now. (Or, for Sarah & Karina, buying a road bike) 

Wednesday morning - meet outside Vinyl cafe on Dominion Road for a nice little pre work ride. The first ride will start on Wednesday 10th April at 7:00am.  We'll wiggle around Auckland and finish up in the city around 8:15am. 

Sunday morning-  meet outside Vinyl cafe at 8:00am (is that too early for a Sunday?). We'll start with a nice easy ride, say 40km to gauge our fitness and so we don't scare anyone off. We'll built up the distance pretty quick sharp, so don't dally around deciding if you're going to join us just get your Lycra butt down to Vinyl. 

If you have boobs and a road bike you're welcome to join us. 

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  1. I'm in!! See you there. Presently have basic pedals (no cages, no cleats) - so should be a good challenge...!