Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ride One: Friend One

Bright and early this morning I hopped out of bed, pulled my lycra out of the very bottom of my draw, and set about assembling the headset on my bike. A few screws were missing, a few spacers not to be found, and there was a "bit" of a crack in the stem, but I was not to let these little details stop me from getting out there on my first ride. 

That was at least until I mounted my bike and wobbled down the road. 

I have a very nice "new bike", it's my Mum's old cast off. This morning I realised she didn't give it to me out of the goodness of her heart, she gave it to me because it's an UNBROKEN STALLION. Constantly darting in front of cars, totally unstoppable. 

The stallion and I gingerly made our way down to Vinyl Cafe on Dominion Road, outwardly hoping some people would actually turn up so I would have new friends to ride with, but secretly wishing that there will be no one there so I would not embarrass myself by falling off my bike. Well, careful what you wish for 'cause that little bit of pavement outside Vinyl was Lycra free.

No worries, I made a back up plan to ride with stylish travel writer Sarah Zimmerman. We met up in Point Chevalier and jumped back on the north western motorway cycle track towards Mount Eden. 

After about 45 minutes my bike started to make some really dodgy movements and I started to be concerned that my headset was about to fall apart. Sarah headed off to work, and I bee lined to Mount Eden Cycles where the wonderful staff opened up early and sorted my bike out.

What better way to celebrate a functioning bike with a little sprint up Mount Eden to enjoy the view over beautiful Auckland City. 

Come join me for a bike ride on Sunday at 8:00am or Wednesday at 7:00am. 

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